The Arctic Council needs to take on “wicked” issues!

December 6th, 2016 | Posted by Lena Maria Nilsson in Okategoriserade

In a blog posted as part of the World Policy Insitute’s series “Arctic in Context”, Mistra Arctic researcherAnnika E Nilsson  discusses the Arctic Council’s 20-year anniversary. One explanation why the Arctic Council has been so successful during its first 20 years may stem from focusing on issues where it has been easy to agree. Nilsson suggests that now is time to take on wicked issues that are more complicated to agree upon, such as mitigation of climate change and the impact of extractive industries on sustainability.

The  analysis, entitled “The Arctic Council: From Achievement to Self-Reflection and Learning” is based on Nilsson’s previous publications in the Arctic Resilience report and a full length analysis is also available here (

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