Work Package 4

Regional and local governance – creating sustainable development in the European Arctic?

The focus of this work package is studying experiences and strategies across a number of stakeholders and cases, in order to identify successful approaches to dealing with change. A key hypothesis is that small Arctic communities are overwhelmed by the local consequences of global change, but also by new governance models. However, change and contestation are not new to Arctic communities, which have also shown considerable ability to cope with change by applying bridging and bonding strategies counteracting the disadvantages of location.

Four specific areas have been identified for investigation:

  1. Local planning and land use conflicts in the north
  2. Impacts and responses within reindeer husbandry
  3. Tourism developments in a changing north
  4. Industrial extraction sites as assets for new Arctic futures

Work package leaders

Dieter Müller and Olof Stjernström, Umeå University