masd_gruppbild-med-hander_webbbeskurenAn interdisciplinary and social-science-oriented research programme

All research activities within Mistra Arctic Sustainable Development (MASD) share a broad theoretical framework and general methodological orientation, and considers all targeted resource use activities, that is mining, forestry, oil and gas exploration, fishing, reindeer husbandry, tourism industry and municipal planning. The work is organized within four work packages (WP), defined by their temporal and/or, in the case of work package 3, geographical scope.

The construction of the work packages is briefly outlined below.  All together this corresponds with the progression from historic to future situations and incorporates a crossscale understanding.

Work Packages:

WP1: The making of the European Arctic – Northern resource governance in comparative contexts.

WP2: Governance in the present: existing legislation and policy…

WP3: The changing global context of the European Arctic

WP4: Regional and local governance – creating sustainable development in the European Arctic?

Research ethics:

Research ethics policy of the MASD programme