Fruitful village meetings in the Storuman area

January 20th, 2017 | Posted by Lena Maria Nilsson in Okategoriserade - (Comments Off on Fruitful village meetings in the Storuman area)

Dean 20 januari_smallDuring January 2017 Mistra Arctic researcher Dean Carson has been doing a roadshow around Storumans Kommun with colleagues from the Kommun talking about resource led development in the region, and featuring the MASD project. Blaiken, Barsele and Pauträsk are examples of villages included in the roadshow. Both during the meetings in Blaiken and barsele about 30 persons attended the meetings.  Dean Carson is pleased with the great public interest:

– These meetings have helped shape the ‘extension’ projects for Storuman. We promised we would do two. One is to be modelling potential demographic impacts of the Barsele Gold project on the villages in the region (Barsele and Gunnarn). I hope to work with Dag Avango and Jan Kunnas on that – particularly looking at the end of the mining cycle. The second is likely to be something around the adequacy of economic impact estimates (mainly employment) given in EIAs and project prospectus. But this is still to be finalised, and there are other ideas.