Arctic governance in focus in a new report from SIPRI

March 23rd, 2016 | Posted by Lena Maria Nilsson in News - (Comments Off on Arctic governance in focus in a new report from SIPRI)


Mistra Arctic researchers are involved in a new SIPRI report called “The New Arctic Governance”. In a press release from SIPRI the book is described like this:

“At a time when many regions of the world are facing growing confrontation and even conflict, the authors consider whether the experience of fashioning multilateral, cooperative and peaceful governance in the Arctic offers lessons to other parts of the world? Looking ahead, the volume is designed to explore the sustainability of current governance trends in the Arctic. To what extent is cooperation in the Arctic the result of issues specific to the region today? Are current relationships and institutions durable in the light of emerging competition and even confrontation between key Arctic players elsewhere in the world? What steps might be taken to consolidate cooperation as the central political and security dynamic in the Arctic?”

Both editors Linda Jakobson and Neil Melvin are engaged in Mistra Arctic, as well as Ekaterina Klimenko, one of the authors. Read more!